Year-End Events: How To Tailor Them To Fit Your Customer’s Tastes

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
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It’s about that time of the year again when companies start sending out invitations for year-end events. Over the last few years, it’s become popular not only to host an event for staff but one for customers as well. While planning an event for your employees may be a little easier (because they’re the people you interact and work with daily) a year-end function for customers is far more complex. With a bit or research, professional help, and strategic action, you can pull off the perfect function.

Last Man Standing Events recently planned and carried out the Dimension Data Public Sector Year-End event. It was tremendously rewarding, so we decided to share some tips on how we managed to make it happen. This blog walks you through the process we follow for customising a year-end event for a specific audience so that you can get a better idea of what you’re looking.

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1. Start Off By Learning About & Understanding The Market

The point of departure for planning any event should be research about the people who are invited to attend it. With the Dimension Data event, we took the time to get familiar with who their customer is. We worked out what they like in terms of food, décor, venue styling, and entertainment and then planned the event around that information.

2. Decide What You’d Like To Achieve With The Event

Speaking to the client about the overall goal of the event is the next step. Use these goals as a framework to determine how the space will be set up and what it will include. Make sure it’s more than just another party. A clear understanding of this allowed our team to pull off an event that was tailored to suit a networking environment with a focus on growing the business opportunities.

3. Find A Venue That Will Capture The Spirit Of The Event

Your venue can make or break the event, no matter how well-planned it is. Based on the factors discussed above, decide if the venue will be indoors or outdoors, as well as if it’s formal or informal. Choosing the right venue sets the scene for how the event will play out.

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4. Book Entertainment That Will Take It To The Next Level

Music, live acts, and other forms of entertainment make a valuable impact on the entire experience. Once you’ve established the feel of the space, the market, and a theme for the event, you can book entertainment that complements it.

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