Three Ways To Capture And Use Data At Corporate Events Using Technology

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
Top LMS Blog April 2019 - Three Ways To Capture And Use Data At Corporate Events Using Technology

Using technology at events is a great opportunity to capture valuable data that can be used in several important areas: marketing, sales, support, and product development. The general idea behind meaningful data capture is to understand customers better and find better ways to engage with them.

Technology plays a key role in helping collect information that is used to measure the success of an event. With the overwhelming amount of information generated there is also the challenge of separating useful data from unusable data.

Digital Registration Forms

The availability of automated event registration systems remains one of the most accurate ways to record customer information in real time. If you require certain information such as the demographic information of attendees or their size preference if you will be handing out branded gear, data collected from online registration forms before an event can be particularly useful.

Information sourced from digital registration forms can be used after an event as well for purposes such as evaluating the success of an event and for planning future events.

Survey Questionnaires

Asking event attendees to answer survey questions throughout an event is a novel way to gain insight on how useful a session was, how engaging activities presented were or post-event surveys for feedback on the overall event experience. A variety of survey software programs can enable surveys to be conveniently presented on event-specific apps or on tablets at a kiosk.

The information gained from surveys can be used to determine the value your event offered attendees, the likelihood of them returning to a future event and the ability to make adjustments if need be for future events.

Bot LMS Blog April 2019 - Three Ways To Capture And Use Data At Corporate Events Using Technology

Activity Tracking

For large scale events that require attendees to wear an event credential – either a badge or wristband – event managers can track where their attendees are at a particular time during an event. These credentials feature QR codes or embedded RFID chips and need to be scanned by sophisticated reader hardware to store an attendee’s information.

Activity tracking can also be used to determine which activities were highlights of your event so you can use the same formula in future events.

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