The Future Of Events Is In Technology

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
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Imagine the year is 2050, everything in your home is voice-controlled, from the shower to the oven. Stepping outside, you see vehicles without drivers on the road while the passengers are busy on their trendiest gadgets. These vehicles might even be flying towards their destination, to buildings that float in the sky. If this is what 2050 will be like, can you imagine what the events and exhibitions will feature?

With technology developing at a rapid pace, the future holds endless possibilities. AR, AI, VR and robotics are evolving so quickly, and their capabilities are expanding each day that they will come to define future generations. While for us, it is something to imagine, future generations are invested in using technology for storytelling and event planners will have to appeal to these using technological tools.

Artificial Intelligence

This technology will make the lives of event planners that much better. Through the use of automation, Artificial Intelligence (AI) will help planners generate a list of vendors and venue owners, contact them through email, match event requirements to the quotes from service providers and select the one that matches their needs.

Event planners can use various matchmaking tools to source the best venues and vendors. This is something that takes event planners multiple weeks to get around to finishing but will take the AI mere minutes to complete. At events, AI will assist organisers to track everything each delegate does, from the stalls they visit, how long they spend and what gets them excited, to what they spend their money on. This is valuable data that helps to predict consumer behaviour.

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Virtual Reality And Augmented Reality

Virtual Reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) will play a massive role in how events become more interactive in the future. VR transports you to a new and different location and relies on equipment, including a headset, gloves, and olfactory devices. AR, on the other hand, relies on the world around you, adding visual layers to what you see in the world. These tools will help delegates at events run through virtual training simulations, get a virtual layout and map of the event, and so much more.

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Robotics can help people attend events from wherever they are in the world, through a telepresence robot and a computer screen or a docking station. It allows one to attend events, walk around the floor and chat with other delegates.

Robots can also be drafted in to help at events as staff, handling jobs such as showing people around, answering questions and giving them suggestions. For now, robots are manually controlled, but this will not be the case in a few decades.

These are just some of the benefits that AR, VR, AI and robotics will bring to us in the future and how we experience attending events and exhibitions. Organising a successful event is not easy, but with the right event planners, everything will go smoothly. Last Man Standing Events has 15 years of experience, adding value and vision to your event. Browse our website to view what we have on offer.


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