Should you just skip the year-end function?

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
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Sometimes, it might feel as though your corporate year-end function is a “nice-to- have”, but unnecessary expense. In challenging economic times, you may wonder if it’s a luxury your business simply can’t afford, or that perhaps it’s nothing more than an excuse to party.

The truth is that a year-end function is much more than simply a way to mark the end of a financial year. It’s a vital business tool — as important after a tough year as after a successful one.

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Here’s how a year-end function contributes to your bottom line

With careful, strategic planning, your year-end function can achieve much more than just help employees to unwind.

Regardless of your budget, a year-end function can support your brand strategy and build your internal culture for on-going and future success. From concept through to delivery, a year-end function can support your brand-building efforts:

  • Brand equity is the value your brand brings to your company. A strong brand is worth more than the sum of your tangible assets. It’s the relationship built between your business and your clients.
  • Even though your clients aren’t going to be there, your employees are your foremost brand ambassadors. If they are invested in the brand, their passion will flow into all their customer interactions.
  • Internal culture is where brand-building starts and thrives. External brand building may provide the window-dressing, but internal brand building is where your business culture is brought to life, and this is what your customers will experience when they engage with your business.
  • Year-end functions are the perfect place to dramatise your brand vision and cultivate your internal culture accordingly
  • Creativity and a personal touch go a long way towards demonstrating your care for your employees who, in turn, will care about their work and customers.

Develop meaningful and engaging events for your employees to acknowledge their efforts and inspire their future roles with a brand-building year-end function. When it’s done well, this event will provide an ROI that will place the year-end function on your list of assets, not expenses. Contact us for events of any size, customised to your brand.

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