How to Properly Manage Food and Beverage on Corporate Events

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Written by Joey Morapedi
Operations Director
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Food and beverage are the heart and soul of any event. Therefore, it’s always important to break down these two elements. Whether it’s a dinner for two, a gala dinner for a thousand people, or a massive conference, you need to make sure that your food and beverage managers will be able to handle all the small and important details.


To have successful food management in any corporate event, your food service manager must be able to carry out their duties.

1. Identify Dietary Requirements

You F&B Manager should be able to manage dietaries effectively ensuring that the menu provided meets the needs of the guests every time. They should pay attention to the detail during the food tasting to ensure that what you tasted is what you get.

2. Food Styling

F&B Managers should pay attention to the detail. After all; you eat with your eyes first and its important that the style and plating of the dish compliment the taste experience.

3. Carry Out Quality Tastings

The best part about being a F&B Manager is having the opportunity to taste a variety of dishes with your client before an event. But while it surely is enjoyable; behind the scenes, it is important to ensure that the elements quoted on are well presented and that recommendations made suit the brief.

4. Right Timing

Your F&B Manager needs to know how to work with the timings of a running order. Ensuring that the kitchen is well prepared and that plating and service runs accordingly so that no dish is cold, and no dish differs in presentation and taste.

Food & Beverage Service can make or break your event. It’s imperative that your F&B Manager is well prepared and on top of their game when dealing with these aspects. After all; you are only as good as your last event!

beverage management - How to Properly Manage Food and Beverage on Corporate Events



Beverage management also plays a big role, especially at larger events. Therefore, it’s important to have a well-rounded bar manager to ensure that the beverages are handled well before, during, and after an event.

Before the event, you need to have a strong bar manager to be able to estimate and allocate stock to your event without the fear of running out. It’s important to make sure that enough stock is on hand to avoid shortages of any kind.

During the event, the bar manager must also be able to keep track of the consumption and be able to stay within a given budget. It’s very easy to go way over budget when everyone is enjoying. Your bar manager should be focused and able to monitor beverage service to ensure that the clients budget is respected.

After the event, it’s important that stock gets counted to verify that what was consumed is in fact what has been allocated to the final bill. The bar manager must also have a system that keeps track of stock to avoid loss and theft.

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