Hosting Digital Events: A New Way of Doing Things

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
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With COVID-19 causing extended lockdowns in many countries around the world, hundreds of events both big and small have been put on hold. In these uncertain times it’s vital to try and remain positive, not to panic, and to look at the practical solutions that you have available to you.

Your Options

Do you have an event that was scheduled in the next month or so? You have three options available to you, namely:

  • Cut your losses and cancel the event completely.
  • Postpone your event to later in the year.
  • Host a digital version of your event.

As professional event planners, the team at Last Man Standing urges you to host a digital event as we believe that this will keep your business running, keep your friends, contacts and customers engaged and uplift spirits during these challenging times.

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How to Start Digital Event Planning

Obviously, you are far more limited when hosting a digital event when compared to a physical one, but you can still make it valuable, informative and fun! What are the main goals of this event, and factors do you want to preserve?

When planning a digital event ensure that you:

  • Know who will host the event and where the video will be shot
  • Keep your audience updated and informed about the event
  • Decide which platform the event will be hosted on
  • Create hype around the event
  • Add value through entertainment, prizes, interactive games, information etc.
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A New Way of Thinking

Events are not going to be the same for a long time to come and event planners need to adopt a new way of thinking.

If before you were making big profits off events that hosted hundreds of people, you’re going to have to look at new ways of making money. It may be tough to find solutions, but you could do this by charging an ‘entrance fee’ for digital events, asking for donations or gaining sponsorship. It is all about completely rethinking your way of doing things.

Whether you are hosting conferences, business meetings, parties or storytelling events, there are a few key factors that will assist in making your event successful including:

  • Using an app or platform that your audience is familiar with.
  • Being interactive! Ask questions and greet viewers as they come onto the live stream.
  • Keep a regular schedule going. Host a daily business meeting at 8am, or host DJ events every Friday night. Whatever it is, get your audience expecting and anticipating your events.

Humans are social creatures, and even with all of the social distancing measures in place, technology has provided us with opportunities to connect. This is not the end of the events industry, it’s simply a new beginning!

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