Do These 3 Things to Get Ready for Your 2019 Event Calendar

Jorge HShot v1 - Do These 3 Things to Get Ready for Your 2019 Event Calendar

Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
Last Man Standing Events Blog October 2018 6 - Do These 3 Things to Get Ready for Your 2019 Event Calendar

What’s the leading cause for (often disastrous) last minute event preparations at the beginning of a new year? We’ll give you a moment to think about it…

You probably guessed right. It’s that one word with five syllables – procrastination. Sure, the Christmas decorations are already going up in shopping centres, but does that mean our minds can go on holiday too? Of course not! The delusion that you have ample time to get things done may be the one thing that gets in the way of hosting successful events.

Our expert team of event planners compiled this blog with 3 tips for businesses to follow to help with proactive planning for events in the new year.

Last Man Standing Events Blog October 2018 1 - Do These 3 Things to Get Ready for Your 2019 Event Calendar

Decide on Dates for Both Novel and Recurring Events

If your company has a few annual events, it helps to decide on the dates before the year begins. From quarterly team building and conferences to awards functions and year-end events, a well-thought our calendar plot is a good place to start.

The same applies to once-off events too. If you know for sure what you’d like to achieve in the new year, set the foundation before the chapter is closed on the current year. This helps with a number of things:

  • If you know the date, you know the season, so you can start planning on logistics such as venues and themes.
  • You can start drafting invitations to send out well in advance. This way attendance will be a hit.
  • You can plan around public holidays and clashes with other events to avoid confusion.

Work on Practical Budgets

Avoid disappointment by planning financial details before the time comes to implement the event plan. This gives you time to allocates funds adequately and make adjustments to enable planning within a realistic frame.

If you need to compile a convincing proposal to a senior, do it before the year ends (while everyone is still jolly), so you can hit the ground running as soon as the new year begins. Your boss will be more willing to support your event idea if you show proactiveness.

To-do Lists and Delegation

Start charting everything that needs to be done and prepare your team in advance, so they come back ready for action in the new year. Compile checklists and timelines to keep track of progress, and pull off your events without a glitch.

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