A Quick 5-Step Guide To Planning Your Company’s Events Calendar For 2019

Jorge HShot v1 - A Quick 5-Step Guide To Planning Your Company’s Events Calendar For 2019

Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
Strategy Planning Events Middle - A Quick 5-Step Guide To Planning Your Company’s Events Calendar For 2019

When Geoffrey Chaucer wrote, “time and tide wait for no man” in the 14th century, who knew that the sentence would become a timeless classic? The statement certainly rings true to this day. With the holiday season kicking in, many of us are kicking our feet up. However, before we know it, the new year will be here, and it will be time to get back into full gear once again at work. It’s never too early to begin planning what you’d like to happen event wise next year, but if you haven’t yet started, not to worry. This short guide will help you plan your company’s 2019 event calendar on time. Just follow these six easy steps, and you’ll be good to go.

marketing board strategy - A Quick 5-Step Guide To Planning Your Company’s Events Calendar For 2019

Step 1: Kick Off The Year With Strategic Planning On Upcoming Company Goals & Projects

The principle here is the sooner, the better. Don’t put off strategy meetings. Hit the ground running in your first week back at work to start getting your bearings on what you’re gunning for. Pre-set goals create a calendar outline that will inform all your events for the next year.

Step 2: Host A Team Building Event To Get Everyone On Board

One or two team building efforts to kick the year off will strengthen communication and productivity during the year, also boosting workplace relationship building and morale.

Step 3: Create Timelines For Reaching Specific Planning Milestones

Deadlines are important. Once you’ve outlined your events for the year, start working on each one at least three months in advance. This gives you enough time to allocate resources and funds and make changes where necessary.

Step 4: Have Regular Meetings To Keep Up With Progress

Communication shouldn’t end with team building events, as you need to keep stakeholders, board members and investors in mind too. Use conferences, campaign launch or a company gala as a way to thank them for their support and inform them of the business’s status.

Step 5: Rope In Some Experts To Help Pull It Off

Planning events on top of your business’s day-to-day running can get overwhelming. Don’t be shy to look for help from professionals that do it every day. The experts at Last Man Standing are some of the best events planners in Johannesburg and South Africa at large. Contact them today to learn more about planning your company’s 2019 event calendar effectively.


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