How A Crisis Has Caused The Game Of Event Planning To Change: It’s Less About Gaining Business And More About Gaining Connection

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
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Event planners can see the eventful light just over the small COVID-19 hill. And while well-attended events are yet to be held, one can use this time to build relationships. The beginning stages of COVID-19 saw event planners focusing on internal business structures and processes.

As the pandemic continued, event planners advertised their business, placing efforts on the digital forefront to ensure that once the crisis was over, customers would flock to their business. As the economy opens, event planners are now focusing on existing client bases and networks.

Why Should We Be Focusing On Winning with Relationships?

As event planners, use this time to focus on relationship building. When last did you make personal contact with your clients, partners, and suppliers? During this crisis, when last did you consider your past client base as a valuable means to enhancing income?

COVID-19 has provided the perfect time to reconnect in a caring way with clients instead of resorting to impersonal ways of communication. This crisis allows us to genuinely show our existing clients that we care and has provided us with an opportunity to create a reignited bond in the most natural, authentic way. So, let us win with relationships and focus on building bonds and reigniting old ones.

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Ways To Build Relationships

We are not just alluding to those within your business circle and current clients. We are also referring to new clients and other industry suppliers.

Remember that with every connection, it is about bringing fun, joy, and satisfaction through real, engaging experiences. The most significant product we have as event planners is our time, so use it best by sharing it. Through this simple act of listening and connecting on a real level – even if it is a Webinar type platform – you can personally strengthen your professional bonds, increase your customer retention, and build on opportunities. Customers appreciate the vulnerability behind being open and warm in your approach to connecting.

  1. Look to energise relationships with existing and potential new customers and ask them when their child’s birthday is, or next celebration is set to be hosted. Ask company owners what essential functions he/she would like to host in the future.
  2. Contact other event suppliers in your industry and set about using each other’s services while expanding your product portfolio. Ask how their events business is doing during these times and relate your own experiences. Help where you can for those who work within the same industry as you do.
  3. Contact all your clients and provide tips and advice on how they can host their own housebound event or virtual company get-together during the COVID-19 lockdown. Free valuable advice never goes unnoticed.
  4. Sharing experiences and providing insight into trends and ideas that some might consider their “OWN” IP, will go a long way to strengthen an existing relationship or entice a new customer. It’s not easy to be confident in this approach, and some might think “they are crazy for sharing their ideas…” but you have to believe in your ability as an event manager and that the person you are connecting with cannot do it without you.
  5. Sharing your web camera stream so you can smile at your client; even if they do not share theirs; can brighten up their day.
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Let’ Make Connection An Event

This connective, personal approach has led to eight successful years of business for us and has kept us in business in current times. For those wanting to reconnect and energise relationships, contact LMS to host a virtual event of the nurturing, connective kind.

For suppliers wanting to reconnect with LMS, whether you have worked with us or want to work with us, make contact.

For clients, past, present, or future, connect with us about future events and how we can help you! We plan on being around for many more years to come sharing our passion!


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