5 Ways To Whip Your Company’s Internal Meetings Into Shape This Year

Jorge HShot v1 - 5 Ways To Whip Your Company’s Internal Meetings Into Shape This Year

Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
LMS Blog Jan 19 Top - 5 Ways To Whip Your Company’s Internal Meetings Into Shape This Year

Meetings are a part of organised human interaction, and the pooling of minds and resources for a common cause isn’t to be taken lightly. However, with constant changes in how people communicate, it’s crucial for companies to reinvent how meetings are approached. When it comes to your internal meetings, how can you make them more engaging and effective? The year is still young, which means there’s enough time to make some changes.

Pro Secret #1: Send Out A Unique Invite/Reminder For Each Meeting

An internal meeting begins before participants enter the venue. The moment you send an invitation, your staff’s interest must be ignited. It’s easy to ignore a generic, recurring meeting invite that’s sent from Google calendar. Spark up some chatter in the office by attaching creative content, such as memorable graphics or a cool video, to capture the essence of the meeting.

LMS Blog Jan 19 Mid - 5 Ways To Whip Your Company’s Internal Meetings Into Shape This Year

Pro Secret #2: Prepare A Clear, Themed Agenda Each Time

Instead of a regular agenda template, switch it up each time with a theme. You can use a skeleton outline for consistency, but don’t be afraid to break the mold. Having a theme such as or “Groundbreaking Events 2019” allows employees to think outside the box while staying on topic. It’s great for conceptualising, planning and executing company events as well. You can incorporate each meeting theme into invites and reminders to get them thinking ahead of time.

Pro Secret #3: Keep It Short & Simple

Have a time limit for every meeting and introduce a system to monitor/enforce it. Keep personal phones in a box at the venue entrance to minimise interruptions. Whether it’s a penalty jar that’s billed per extra minute or standing room policy, there must be repercussions for interrupting or causing the meeting to run longer than intended in any way.

Pro Secret #4: Create A Safe Space For Idea-Sharing

Encourage open communication among meeting participants. There’s no such thing as a stupid idea. There’s always something to learn or build on from the coming together of different minds.

Pro Secret #5: Use Interesting Multimedia Tools For Presentation & Keeping Track

Move away from the typical notebook and stoic tone of voice. Bring in some music, create slideshows and use meeting-friendly software to keep things fresh.

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