10 Event Technology Trends You Need To Know About

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Written by Jorge Soares
Event Director
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Let’s look at some of the ways innovative technology is transforming events in 2018 and what lies beyond.

1. Sponsorship: augmented reality (AR)

No longer only just a buzzword, AR is starting to live up to its hype and is getting to work providing opportunities for creative sponsor messages. Resulting data is fed back to sponsors, providing them with measurable ROI and insight.

2. Event marketing technology: influencer marketing

The tools that help brands to identify and negotiate with influencers as well provide platforms for them to grow their reach and thought leadership positions are all around us. These platforms put word of mouth to work for you quickly and efficiently.

facial recognition - 10 event technology trends you need to know about

3. Guest management: facial recognition

Check-in and registration are streamlined and speeded up for guests, as well as providing extra security with an app that can be used as a stand-alone feature or incorporated into your existing infrastructure.

4. Virtual assistance and voice recognition

Whether they are welcoming guests or answering questions, chatbots and voice-activated platforms give quick, correct answers to frequently-asked questions, expediting the process for guests and hosts alike.

5. Attendee tracking and Real-Time feedback

Non-intrusive digital objects and smart mats track attendees’ footprints at the event, helping you to optimise your event layout as well as provide feedback to exhibitors. It also provides data for potential new sponsors. Meantime, live technology can provide real-time feedback, allowing event professionals to act quickly to fix problems or take advantage of opportunities.

6. Crowdsourcing and sharing economy

Crowd thinking leverages the power of co-creation, and in the sharing economy, venue sourcing sites or even services like Uber are starting to adapt their offering for the event industry.

Facebook Live 360 - 10 event technology trends you need to know about

7. Live Video: 360°

Remote attendance is now possible, and guests can even interact with other attendees. It offers real experiences for a broader geographic audience.

8. Tech for all the senses

Touchable technology is available for offline products and engages guests in a complete experience.

9. No more empty seats

If guests can’t make the event after accepting, technology even helps solve empty seating problems by assisting them to share their tickets safely. Smart technology can also report on ticket sales in real time and analyse key performance indicators.

10. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We’ve always used CRM tools for personalisation, but with modern technology, this is possible on a far higher and even more granular level. It’s mass communication on a one-to-one level. Customisation on that scale was often cost-prohibitive, but now custom landing pages and communication is affordable and effective.

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